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Vivitar Series 1 vs. Pentax A 70-210mm: TNAF #1 Part 2

Here’s my first-ever lens review/comparison. I intend to do more for the fun of it, and to satisfy my curiosity. I anticipate most of them will be reviews That Nobody Asked For (TNAF). This particular comparison will appeal to enthusiasts of vintage lens, specifically those who enjoy mounting manual-focus K-mount 70-210mm-range zooms to Pentax DSLRs, which means practically nobody, but hey, that’s how we roll here. Back in the day, there were also a slew of zooms in the 80-200mm focal length range; for now, we’ll kick off the TNAFs by comparing the Pentax A 70-210mm F4 (manufactured from 1984-1988) to… Read More