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Ukulele and Remembrance Day

I’ve yet to go through all my Hawaii pictures and pare them down to a palatable 20 minute slide show.  I will say this about the trip though: the highlight for the four of us was catching Derick Sebastian, live, playing ukulele at the Hula Grill in Ka’anapali.  You can see him go nutso here [...]

Further Evidence That Children Live Here #2

My son was playing with his cars in the reception room yesterday.  I guess the IKEA Nils stool pictured below serves as a parking garage.  Both Betty and I like the funky fabric pattern. Below is a similarly-sized stool we picked up this weekend at the local Restoration Hardware warehouse sale, called the “Hutton”, which retails for [...]

Some Neat Stuff

I’m usually not one for posting links, but here ya go— Two poems I like from The Writer’s Almanac, a great little program heard each day on XM Radio channel 133: Diagramming Won’t Help This Situation, and What I Understood. A photographic eyeopener if there ever were one, Albatross. I made shot this with my cell phone, below, of the [...]

BS is for BaSalmic

My BS meter is always on the alert. “Gavin, you’ll never get that shot, your flash is too close to the subject,” somebody once quipped.  Sorry to break the news bud,  but the slide came out perfectly exposed.  So now, every time I see this individual at the camera shows, my meter kicks in and I [...]


A coworker recently asked me what the greatest surprise about the new house was.  I had to think for a few seconds.  Now that I’ve spent a few more weeks at the place, my answers (yep, plural) would have to be: The ensuite walk-in shower—comparable to those at three- or three-and-a-half-star hotels.  Stepping under the hot [...]

In Mocha or Cherry?

Today: Patrick Swayze dies and a family is grieving.  So many things undone with so many things to do. A dear friend announces her plan to leave Canada, uprooting herself after what must have been a protracted and difficult process.  It’s all about the passage of time, babe, that and getting enough oxygen. As for me, I’m still [...]

Man in the Mirror

We move into our house in fewer than three weeks.  Betty and I have been packing at a leisurely pace, in part because circumstances don’t require us to be out by a certain date.  However, there’s a new twist.  Plans are afoot for renting out our current basement suite to university students, leaving us now with just three [...]

Father’s Day

A celebratory dinner at a restaurant for a party of eleven, not twelve, on the longest day of the year.  None of us broach the unspoken. Later that evening, back home, while waiting for dessert to be served, I stand at the kitchen table, beside the orange tree with the watering instructions taped to it [...]

Vancouver Landfill

We spent Saturday morning at the Vancouver Landfill Open House in Delta.  This was our second visit.  We were there two years ago.  The workers take you on a guided tour of the landfill proper, though, for safety reasons, it’s all from the comfort of an air-conditioned bus, and talked about how they use the methane gas generated by the waste [...]

Mortgage Munch

Riding on the coattails of this newly-minted term, here is what I’ve been taking to work for lunch: Award-Winning Recipe Cook some white rice.  Boil a wiener or two and cut into pieces.  Open a can of maple syrup-flavored baked beans (Western Family brand in my case) and scoop a few tablespoons onto the rice.  Top [...]