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BS is for BaSalmic

My BS meter is always on the alert. “Gavin, you’ll never get that shot, your flash is too close to the subject,” somebody once quipped.  Sorry to break the news bud,  but the slide came out perfectly exposed.  So now, every time I see this individual at the camera shows, my meter kicks in and I [...]

Mortgage Munch

Riding on the coattails of this newly-minted term, here is what I’ve been taking to work for lunch: Award-Winning Recipe Cook some white rice.  Boil a wiener or two and cut into pieces.  Open a can of maple syrup-flavored baked beans (Western Family brand in my case) and scoop a few tablespoons onto the rice.  Top [...]

Bellevue/Seattle Trip: Highs and Lows

A young lady seated under a patio umbrella at University Village reading The Thorn Birds.  [Biggest Throwback] Pentax remote control shutter releases going for $4.80 at Kits Camera.  I picked up two. This was my only purchase on the whole trip.  [Best Bargain] The Steak Diane at The Cheesecake Factory.  Soggy is the best way to [...]

Rendezvous With Rockfish

“We’re quite proud of our latest habitat,” intercoursed Sapprodyx6-2-di+10032.45 to his companion, “modelled after their largest hives.”   The companion chuffled a resplendent blorg in agreement. “Left in this environment, the females can live to 205 of their star years,”  continued Sapprodyx6-2-di+10032.46 as he readied his siphon over the eating plinth.  “Over two-hundred disease-free and commercially [...]

Stovetop Shots #2

My daughter, Lil’ Miss Manga, made the following game pieces for her French assignment using Play-Doh. I still don’t see the point—tomatoes in French is tomates; hot dog is, well, hot dog.  Where’s the pedagogy? Not to say that I didn’t love what she created! And just for a sense of scale: