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Father’s Day

A celebratory dinner at a restaurant for a party of eleven, not twelve, on the longest day of the year.  None of us broach the unspoken. Later that evening, back home, while waiting for dessert to be served, I stand at the kitchen table, beside the orange tree with the watering instructions taped to it [...]

I Swear, Vancouver is Almost a Big City

I’m starting to think that Vancouver is at the critical mass required to qualify it as a “Big City”.  At 2.5 million, it’s still one-tenth the size of the Tokyo/Mexico City/São Paulo complexes, but with Nature at Vancouver’s doorsteps, 3-million-ish is about right. It must be my New World sensibilities that have instilled in me a nearly obsessive desire [...]


As is my weekday routine, after work, I picked up my kids from out-of-school care.  My son is almost seven, my daughter almost a teenager.  One of the assistants there, David, in his early twenties, said “Hi pops,” when he saw me.  Now, did that make me feel old or what?  I hate getting old.  I’d rather marry [...]

Not So Deep Thoughts

Of Badgers, mango, hot tamale, and Christmas.

Vancouver Landfill

We spent Saturday morning at the Vancouver Landfill Open House in Delta.  This was our second visit.  We were there two years ago.  The workers take you on a guided tour of the landfill proper, though, for safety reasons, it’s all from the comfort of an air-conditioned bus, and talked about how they use the methane gas generated by the waste [...]

Windows Wallpaper #1

I have been hideously busy lately—at work and at home, pretty much ignoring emails, FB, and the like, and finding little time to work out or blog.  To maintain some measure of sanity, I spend a few hours at VanDusen Garden on Sundays for a bit of picture taking.  The arboretum is hitting its seasonal stride.  [...]