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Two From Justin Hines

Face it.  I’m the sappy type. So much so that I was suffciently moved to post my favourite music video here, Justin Hines’ Wish You Well. Unlike most music videos these days, the music, and the video are standalone brilliant, each telling its own—yet the same—story.  Each frame of the very wide aspect ratio video is a [...]

Further Evidence That Children Live Here #2

My son was playing with his cars in the reception room yesterday.  I guess the IKEA Nils stool pictured below serves as a parking garage.  Both Betty and I like the funky fabric pattern. Below is a similarly-sized stool we picked up this weekend at the local Restoration Hardware warehouse sale, called the “Hutton”, which retails for [...]

Some Neat Stuff

I’m usually not one for posting links, but here ya go— Two poems I like from The Writer’s Almanac, a great little program heard each day on XM Radio channel 133: Diagramming Won’t Help This Situation, and What I Understood. A photographic eyeopener if there ever were one, Albatross. I made shot this with my cell phone, below, of the [...]

BS is for BaSalmic

My BS meter is always on the alert. “Gavin, you’ll never get that shot, your flash is too close to the subject,” somebody once quipped.  Sorry to break the news bud,  but the slide came out perfectly exposed.  So now, every time I see this individual at the camera shows, my meter kicks in and I [...]