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Mortgage Munch

Riding on the coattails of this newly-minted term, here is what I’ve been taking to work for lunch:

Award-Winning Recipe

Cook some white rice.  Boil a wiener or two and cut into pieces.  Open a can of maple syrup-flavored baked beans (Western Family brand in my case) and scoop a few tablespoons onto the rice.  Top with the wiener.

Serve with a glass of cold water.

Refrigerate the beans.  There is enough for four more meals.

Next Installment: Campbell’s Chunky Soup on Rice.


My wife’s nieces flew in from Chicago and San Franciso several weekends ago for a two-day visit.  They could justify such a short stay because one of them worked for United Airlines, so the flights were effectively free.

We had KFC for dinner.  What I found interesting was that they asked about the green stuff in the styrofoam containers—what I assumed was  universally understood to be KFC coleslaw.  It turns out that the Canadian KFC version—principally finely-chopped cabbage and onion—is a localized recipe.  American KFC coleslaw has shredded carrot and is nowhere near as zesty, much like what you get at Church’s Chicken.  Why the difference?  Inquiring minds like to know.  I give the Canadian version  a 10; the common variant, a measly 7.

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