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Two Concerts

I was at the dentist last Friday.  My hygienist’s seventeen-year-old daughter had the time of her life recently.  The hygienist told me about how she couldn’t get a hold of any Coldplay tickets, but as concert day neared, her brother-in-law happened to mention casually that he had an extra pair of tickets.  Needless to say, she took them off his hands in a heartbeat, and presented them to her daughter.

The daughter went with a friend.  They met up with five other high school friends at GM Place.  As the daughter put it, “a lady with a walkie-talkie” noticed the seven of them waiting in line at the concession.  The lady gave them a quiz:  ”Name the band members.”, “Who is Chris Martin’s wife?”, etc.  They answered most of the questions correctly.  The lady then asked for their tickets. The girls were understandably reluctant and wary.  At any rate, what the lady did was exchange their nosebleed tickets for tickets in row 2, front center.

Coldplay was recording the concert, so I guess they wanted pretty females occupying the first few rows… 


Somebody at work nabbed me a complimentary pair of Jonas Brother tickets just hours before the 7:00PM start time.  She knew I had a daughter.  Thank you thank you, K.!  So it came to pass that Betty and Shaula spent Monday night regaled by the likes of American Idol alum Jordin Sparks, the Wondergirls, and the Virgins.  Shaula, an avid Japanese/Korean pop music fan (where did Betty and I go wrong?) was blown away by the Wondergirls.  Both of them thought the Brothers were pretty good.  Shaula bought two tee’s.


While we’re on the topic of seating pretty women in the front rows, let me introduce you to the concept of seat fillers.  The entertainment industry is anathema to empty seats.  Betty has friends who’ve been seat fillers for (among other events) the Junos.  I recall seeing one of their faces on TV, seated right behind Shania Twain.  One of theses friends, Lou, once filled in for Sarah McLachlan who was up accepting an award.  Sarah’s [now ex-] husband gave Lou a dirty look because she had inadvertently sat on his jacket.

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