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BS is for BaSalmic

My BS meter is always on the alert.

“Gavin, you’ll never get that shot, your flash is too close to the subject,” somebody once quipped.  Sorry to break the news bud,  but the slide came out perfectly exposed.  So now, every time I see this individual at the camera shows, my meter kicks in and I say to myself  ”BS-er.  You know the price of everything (of this camera, and that lens) but know the value of nothing.”  And it’s not only with camera gear.  This person has a ”I’m a legend in everything I do” complex.  A peek at this lens collection would probably turn up nothing  but the longest of telephotos.  

Another fella once bragged to me about the letter he got from the president of a major stereo amplifier manufacturer, complimenting him on his measurements gathered using an acoustics measurement software package.  I’ll grant him that.  But this is the same chap who claimed that listening to the live radio broadcast of the Vancouver Symphony of Fire fireworks music poses problems for spectators miles away from the display because the music would be out of synch with what was being seen.   Sorry, but I seem to recall something from school about light being really fast…

Guys, it’s okay to be not good at something.  Just don’t BS me about your expertise.

Why this BS theme?  I’m going to start enjoying the finer things in life.  I ain’t getting younger.  Tea, for instance.  And wine—no, scratch that, I can’t handle alcohol—so it’ll have to be basalmic vinegar.

Pictured below is a $27 bottle Bistro Blends’  Blackberry we bought at this weekend’s Vancouver Home Show.

Spenger Blackberry Basalmic

Spenger Blackberry Basalmic

Here’s the thing.  I’m activating my BS meter on myself, just to make sure I don’t become one of those self-professed “authorities.”

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