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Fish Fotos

Recalling last summer’s not so (photographically speaking) successful Vancouver Aquarium outing, I made sure this time to pack the Pentax 100mm f/2.8 macro, and the 25-year old Vivitar 28mm f/2 wide angle, in my new Lowepro Flipside 400 AW camera bag.  These two lenses are optically well-suited for the dimly-lit tanks and displays.  They are relatively [...]

Rendezvous With Rockfish

“We’re quite proud of our latest habitat,” intercoursed Sapprodyx6-2-di+10032.45 to his companion, “modelled after their largest hives.”   The companion chuffled a resplendent blorg in agreement. “Left in this environment, the females can live to 205 of their star years,”  continued Sapprodyx6-2-di+10032.46 as he readied his siphon over the eating plinth.  “Over two-hundred disease-free and commercially [...]